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Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O'Neil, LLC, has built an outstanding national reputation as a top Chicago law firm with exceptionally talented attorneys and a uniquely diverse law practice that consists of the legal representation of individuals, corporations, unions, municipalities and states in some of the most interesting and transformative cases in the United States.

The diversity of our law practice and size of our law firm is no accident; rather, it is the result of the considered design of founding partners Kathleen Chavez and Robert Foote.

FMCO is intentionally a boutique law firm, with conscientiously selected cases and a carefully assembled team of attorneys. In fact, when Kathleen and Robert formed the firm, they made a promise to each other to engage cases thoughtfully, with purpose and consideration and to fearlessly and relentlessly pursue justice, even when the case presented significant challenges.

Partner Robert Foote explains, "When Kathleen and I sat down and mapped out the practice we envisioned our ideal law firm there was no doubt or indecision that we wanted to build an unconventional practice. We have some very definite ideas about the types of cases we wanted to litigate and the attorneys who could be part of our team. Our practice involves interesting cases, difficult cases and cases about making a difference that means we take cases that are more than a little challenging, require relentless determination, involve the ability to stomach risk, optimism, creativity and a faith that justice will prevail."

Similarly, Kathleen Chavez explains, "I became a lawyer to make a difference. I wanted to help people. Bob Foote and I founded Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O'Neil, LLC, because we both shared a vision of practicing law a bit differently than many traditional practices. We knew we could only achieve our ideal with a team of very special, brilliant and talented attorneys. So that is what we did we hand-picked our dream team."

The results that the FMCO "dream team" routinely achieves come about because of its very unique synergy of strong minds, strong convictions and strong leadership.

What Makes Our Lawyers Special?

An FMCO attorney must have demonstrated charisma, unwavering commitment to pursuing justice for every client, faith in transformative justice, enthusiasm in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, creativity, intellect, flexibility and determination. Sure, FMCO attorneys were educated at some of the finest academic institutions (Harvard, Northwestern, Washington University, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois); however, attorneys Kathleen Chavez and Robert Foote firmly believe that even the best formal education does not make an attorney exceptional — more is required. FMCO's complex civil litigation team is composed of proven-effective attorneys who are each required to demonstrate that certain "more" we know to be essential to successfully handling complex and nontraditional cases.

Our lawyers are the reason why FMCO is consistently selected by clients, lawyers and judges as counsel in a wide range of cases. We are proud of our team of brilliant attorneys who consistently breathe explosive life-energy into our cases, relentlessly pursue justice, demonstrate unwavering commitment to our clients and consistently engage a creative approach to litigation, problem-solving and resolution or settlement efforts.

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Call 630-232-7450 or contact us through this website to request a free case evaluation. At our law offices in Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, lawyers can meet with clients between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays. Request an evening or weekend appointment if you are unable to come during the day.

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