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Allergies and asthma are common types of workplace illnesses

While you may be one of the millions of people across the state of Illinois and the entire country who suffer from a respiratory condition like asthma or allergies, you could only now be experiencing symptoms as a result of your workplace environment. Unfortunately, a huge number and variety of work sites expose employees to environmental agents known to cause or exacerbate allergies. If you have questions or concerns about your work environment and respiratory health, it's important to keep in mind that many medical conditions are considered workplace illnesses. The attorneys at Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O'Neil, L.L.C., understand just how serious some allergy-related illnesses can be, and are committed to upholding the rights of injury victims and workers' compensation claimants.

Am I considered an employee under workers' comp guidelines?

If you are injured on the job, achieving Workers' Compensation benefits can be crucial to securing your financial stability and peace of mind. Being eligible for workers' comp depends, however, on whether or not you are considered an employee or independent contractor in Illinois. Distinguishing between the two can be difficult in some cases, and is known to lead to employment law disputes. Fortunately, the Employee Classification Act outlines criteria for determining employment status.

Workers' comp reform at heart of political dispute

For thousands of people across the state of Illinois, legal guidelines regarding financial compensation for work-related injuries and illnesses have a real and profound impact on them and their families' everyday lives. Workers' compensation guidelines directly affect employers and employees alike, setting standards for everything from compensation rates to eligibility requirements. It is for that reason, along with other factors, that state residents are monitoring the current political dispute over proposed workers' comp reform.

Mesothelioma and asbestos-related illnesses

While a huge number of environmental conditions and hazards are known to contribute to serious illnesses and diseases, perhaps no other work-related carcinogen is as well known as asbestos. Asbestos exposure is linked to countless deaths across the state of Illinois and the entire country. Exposure incidents may be down as a result of national efforts to remove asbestos from workplaces everywhere, but new asbestos-related diagnoses continue to be made every year. It is for that reason that it is important for workers to be familiar with asbestos illnesses and workers' comp considerations.

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