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Your airbag can protect you, but it can also cause injuries

Car accident injuries have a variety of causes. One possible cause is one that you might not think about -- the airbag. Many people know that the airbag is supposed to protect them; however, it can cause some serious injuries in accidents. There are many reasons why the airbag might injure a person during a crash.

One reason that the airbag might cause injury is improper deployment. A faulty airbag can deploy with too much force. This could lead to injuries from the impact of the airbag with your face or chest. You can also suffer from neck or back injuries that can be devastating.

When you are in an accident, airbag sensors determine if the force of the crash was enough to warrant the airbag deploying. If these sensors malfunction, you might end up having an airbag that deploys too early or too late to help in a crash.

The chemicals in airbags can also cause problems. There is a fine powder on the bag, which can cause abrasions. You might also suffer from chemical burns from the deployment.

If your airbag deploys in a crash, you should seek medical care. This can help you to determine if you have any injuries that need to be treated. This also gives you the basis for seeking compensation since it can help you to tie the injury to the accident.

If there is a reason to think that the airbag was faulty, you can address this as part of your claim for compensation by including the manufacturer as a defendant when you file the lawsuit.

Source: FindLaw, "Car Accident Airbag Injuries," accessed Feb. 24, 2017

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