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Semi-trucks, improper load securement and highway accidents

Anyone in the Chicago, Illinois, area who has ever been involved in a car accident knows they can range in severity from the smallest fender-benders to the largest multi-car pileups. And it doesn’t take a major car accident to cause serious medical injuries and destruction to personal property.

But what about when an accident is major and involves a semi-truck? These types of accidents can be especially devastating and catastrophic. Large tractor-trailers carry heavy loads – and these loads themselves are often the cause of accidents involving semi-trucks.

A semi-truck inspection blitz

That’s why this year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be emphasizing cargo securement in its International Roadcheck inspection blitz later this spring. The inspectors will be placing a significant emphasis on the security of the loads for the safety of both the semi-truck driver and other people on the road.

There are several different ways drivers of these vehicles can rack up violations, including loads that shift inappropriately, incorrect tie-downs for loads and insufficient tie-downs for loads. Of course, if the load falls off of the semi-truck entirely, this would be a major violation.

Increases in highway accidents

The reason more emphasis is being placed on the security of these loads is the havoc they can wreak on the highway. When these heavy loads fall loose at high speeds on the highway – or shift unexpectedly in the trailer bed, causing the truck driver to swerve or lose control of the truck – the resulting devastation can be severe and lead to serious injury or even death.

If someone is injured in an accident with the load of a semi-truck accident, it can lead to serious medical bills – particularly if the visit to the hospital includes a surgical procedure or a visit to the ICU. For this reason, many people are wisely inquiring whether improperly secured loads are responsible for the increasing rate of accidents across the highway.

Anyone who has been injured by an insecure semi-truck load on the highway should consider reaching out to an experienced truck accident attorney for assistance. A thorough investigation of the facts – and analysis of the trucker’s logs – is key to helping relieve the financial stress brought on by a serious accident involving a semi-truck.

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