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What effect is global warming having on workers?

Climate change may impact certain types of workers in different ways. If you are a rescue worker or someone whose job frequently exposes them to the outdoors, you may be negatively impacted by global warming. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, climate change poses a very real threat in terms of new hazards developing and exacerbating existing health and safety problems.

Can I sue my employer for an asbestos-related illness?

According to a recent decision by the Supreme Court of Illinois, the answer depends on the situation you are in. Under certain conditions, you might be able to file a direct civil suit against a former employer for asbestos-related claims, reports the National Law Review.

Lead poisoning in the workplace

While Illinois employers are required to protect their employees from dangerous exposure to lead, many workers still come in contact with it in the course of their employment. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, more than 1,600,000 workers in the United States are exposed to lead, with more than half of those being workers in the construction industry. While the use of paints and other materials that contain lead has been outlawed, construction workers may be exposed to lead through demolition and repair of buildings erected prior to the ban. Other industries with potential for lead exposure include manufacturing, environmental remediation and transportation.

Report: Overexertion causes most disabling occupational injuries

Illinois employees can experience a workplace injury in any profession, from light office work to demanding construction labor. Depending on the injury, they may be out of work for days or weeks to recover, or suffer a debilitating injury that leaves them in chronic pain and unable to return to work.

Witnesses to a workplace accident may develop PTSD

Mental conditions that are the result of a traumatic experience have the potential to significantly affect a person's daily life. In some cases, the person experiencing this kind of mental pain needs to take time off from work while he or she recovers. Workers' compensation benefits in Illinois may extend to some of these conditions.

What illnesses do you face if you work in a coal mine?

Since the early days of the country, families in Illinois and other coal-rich states have made their living digging coal out of the ground. Back in the mining heyday of the late 1800s, mining-related illnesses such as Black Lung Disease were rampant, due to a lack of safety equipment and procedures. Even today, Black Lung Disease still affects many of those in mining, but it is known by a different name. If you work in one of these mines, you may be at risk of several types of diseases related to the industry.

What are the pesticide risks farmworkers face?

Many farmers in Illinois and elsewhere will assert that pesticides are necessary to protect crops from the devastation that insect infestations can cause. However, commercial pesticides are made of chemicals, which often poison humans as well as the insects they target. If you work around pesticides, you may face numerous short-term and long-term health risks.

Numerous industries carry a risk for radiation exposure

Over the past few decades, many advancements have been made in regulations and safety measures to prevent people from being exposed to radiation during the course of their jobs. However, some Illinois workers are still routinely exposed to radiation, which may cause some types of cancer. The amount of exposure is generally very small, and the risk is rare, but the risk nevertheless exists. There are some professions that carry a higher risk of radiation exposure than others.

Workers' compensation for serious contagious illnesses

From asbestos-related illnesses to stress disorders caused by factors on the job, there are many ways that Illinois residents may suffer from a work-related illness. How do infectious diseases factor in workers' compensation law? Is it possible to get compensation for a communicable illness, such as the flu, if it is going around the office?

Can PTSD be covered as a workplace illness?

When it comes to pursuing workers' compensation claims in Illinois, effectively proving that you sustained a physical injury is generally much easier than illustrating an eligible mental health condition. Unfortunately, the complex nature of diagnosing many mental health problems makes it difficult to achieve full compensation for such workplace illnesses. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, for instance, can have a large variety of contributing factors and triggers, severely complicating the process of linking your PTSD to workplace conditions.

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