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Common dangers that agricultural workers face

Now that spring is almost here, farm workers will be getting ready for planting and hard work throughout the summer. The many agricultural laborers in Illinois will face numerous dangers this season. Farm accidents can cause some of the most devastating workplace injuries ever seen, as well as tragic fatalities.

What do you need to know about mold in the workplace?

There are some buildings in Illinois that are so old or drafty that there is significant structural damage, as well as mold and other unwanted organisms living within the walls. When it comes to mold, this is one problem in the workplace that you don't want to put up with.

What is a repetitive motion injury?

If you perform some type of repetitive action as a normal part of your job, the chances are that you might develop a repetitive motion injury. You may associate repetitive injuries with carpal tunnel syndrome - one of the most common types of repetitive injuries reported and possibly the most talked about. However, there are many other types of repetitive motion injuries that you and countless other employees in Illinois are suffering from.

The serious dangers of manufacturing machinery

If you work in the manufacturing industry, you likely know about the dangers associated with moving parts in machinery. However, you might not have seen or experienced firsthand any of the gruesome injuries that can result from being caught in a manufacturing machine. Workers' compensation in Illinois covers the medical expenses of those injured in workplace accidents. The best treatment, however, is to try to keep an accident from occurring at all.

The dangers of improper scaffolding procedures

Many construction workers throughout Illinois will continue to work on projects throughout the autumn and winter. In slippery conditions, awareness of the dangers of work-related falls will never be more important. Falls are one of the most prevalent and dangerous injuries in the workplace, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When PTSD factors in a workplace injury

Every day in Illinois and across the country, millions of people in the workforce risk potentially disabling accidents or illnesses. Many accidents occur every year due to a variety of factors, some of them outside of a person's control. Workers' compensation laws are supposed to compensate an employee's medical bills after a workplace accident, but what about the psychological effects of a traumatic incident? Can psychological trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder, be covered by workers' compensation?

Autumn harvest season in Illinois means danger in grain bins

Now that autumn is nearly here, agricultural workers across Illinois will be getting ready for harvest season. This is a busy and profitable period for those in the farming industry. It can also be a deadly time, as workers on farms encounter numerous ways to be involved in a workplace accident, from falls to equipment malfunctions. One of the most dangerous scenarios a farm worker may face during harvest season is grain entrapment. This occurs when a worker becomes buried in a grain cave-in while working inside a storage bin. It only takes seconds for corn or other grain to completely engulf a victim.

Worker dies in overnight forklift accident

Late work hours, insufficient training and employee inexperience are all factors that are known to contribute to Illinois workplace accidents and injuries. It is for that reason that it is the responsibility of employers and worksite managers to ensure that their employees have the necessary training and resources in order to perform their duties safely and effectively at all times. In the event that an employer does not implement proper health or safety measures, employees can be placed at a serious risk of injury or even death in some cases.

Brain injury treatments and developments

Brain injuries are some of the most complex and difficult types of injuries to treat because there is still so much about the brain and neurological functions that doctors and scientists still don't understand. The nature and severity of brain injuries can vary significantly from patient to patient, and can depend upon everything from the patient's age to the amount of time that lapsed between an injury incident and medical response. Still, available medical interventions to treat brain injuries are expanding and improving every day.

How workplace injuries should be handled in Illinois

Many workers are injured every year at workplaces in Illinois and around the country. It is important for employers to handle a job site injury in an appropriate manner, both to help the injured worker as well as to help lessen the likelihood of future injury accidents.

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