Metal-On-Metal Hip Implant And Litigation

Metal-on-metal hip implants can cause serious pain and injuries, and hip implant lawsuits have been filed by patients seeking monetary recoveries to help compensate them for the pain and injuries suffered. If you or a loved one underwent metal-on-metal hip implant surgery and has experienced complications, you may have a legal claim and may be entitled to money damages.

If you believe you have suffered from the ill side effects of metal-on-metal hip implant surgery, please contact the hip lawyers at Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O’Neil, LLC, in Geneva, Illinois, for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your rights. There are important time limitations that govern your ability to bring a hip case and recover money damages for injuries caused by a hip implant. Our attorneys are experienced at handling these types of cases and offer a Request case evaluation to determine if you may have a metal-on-metal hip case and to discuss your options.

Recalls Of Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants

Metal-on-metal hip i mplants were performed on thousands of patients in the United States seeking relief through replacement hip surgery. The metal-on-metal implants were produced by a number of manufactures including:

  • Stryker Orthopaedics
  • DePuy Orthopaedics (including the ASR Hip System)
  • Zimmer

Many of these products have been formally recalled or otherwise taken off the market due to defects in their design. Metal-on-metal hip implants have been known to cause complications such as:

  • Damaged joints, tissues, nerves and bones
  • Intense pain
  • Inflammation of the hip joint
  • Fractured femur
  • Infections
  • Difficulty walking
  • Metallic particles in the bloodstream resulting in headaches, deafness, convulsions and vertigo

Legal Claims And Metal-On-Metal Hip Implant Lawsuits

Metal-on-metal hip implant lawsuits have been filed by experienced trial lawyers (“Hip Implant Lawyers”) alleging that the artificial hip manufacturers failed to warn patients and doctors about the increased risk of complications. Patients who have undergone metal-on-metal hip implant surgery do not need to know the particular product or manufacturer; our team of Hip Implant Lawyers can help determine whether a patient has a qualifying hip. Patients who have undergone metal-on-metal hip implant surgery may be entitled to financial compensation.

We take these types of cases on a contingency basis which means our clients only pay us if we recover money damages for them. Find out today if we recommend you file a metal-on-metal hip lawsuit and learn more about your legal rights and options.

DePuy Orthopaedics ASR Hip System Settlement

DePuy Orthopaedics, the manufacturer of the ASR Hip System, has agreed to a settlement of approximately $2.5 billion, based on an estimate of approximately 8,000 qualifying patients. DePuy Orthopaedics agreed to the settlement in hopes of bringing a significant close to the ASR litigation.

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