Mental Disorders And Stress-Induced Injuries At The Workplace

Any job can be stressful, but some stressors can lead to serious disorders. Such problems can prevent an employee from performing his or her job and can lead to trouble in his or her personal life as well.

If your work has significantly affected your mental or emotional state, you may have a workers’ compensation claim. Issues of anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, etc., can all lead to employment limitations and serious trouble at home.

At Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O’Neil, LLC, we take stress-induced injuries seriously. As long-standing Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys, we know that mental and emotional injuries can be just as devastating as broken bones and other physical injuries. We will fight for your right to compensation if you have been injured because of stress at work.

Contact our offices in Chicago or Geneva to arrange an appointment with an attorney who believes in you and your case. We are here to help you recover.

Connecting The Dots Between Work Stress And Your Injury

It can be especially difficult to demonstrate the intangible damage that work stress can cause in your life. When filing your claim, you will need substantial and detailed evidence that:

  • You have experienced an uncharacteristically high amount of stress at work.
  • Your mental (and sometimes physical) well-being has suffered significantly since the work stress began.
  • The stress you have experienced is directly related to your mental or emotional disorder.
  • The stress-induced injury has significantly affected your quality of life, your ability to work and your ability to earn income.

Speak To Our Experienced Workplace Injury Lawyers

You will need to present a claim that has thoroughly documented medical, psychological and financial evidence of your injury and its effects on your life, as well as a detailed description of how stress is manifested at work. Call our attorneys at 630-232-7450 or use our convenient email contact form to arrange a consultation.

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