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Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O’Neil, LLC  (“FMCO”) is widely regarded as the top Chicago law firm with a national reputation for being among the best trial lawyers for personal injury cases, work injuries, product injuries, complex civil litigation, employment law, and commercial and business law. FMCO’s highly skilled lawyers have decades of experience, with over $15 billion dollars in record-setting verdicts, judgments, settlements, and recoveries for our clients.

Our Practice

Top Illinois law firm that you can count on when results really matter. Our highly experienced lawyers demand justice for FMCO Clients. We are dedicated, highly skilled, and relentlessly committed to obtaining exceptional results in every FMCO Case. Our Client-Focused practice demonstrates just how deeply we care about each of our clients and cases. FMCO provides the personalized attention necessary to obtain the monetary recoveries and justice that each FMCO Client deserves.

Where We Practice Law:

FMCO lawyers are based in the Chicago- area and we provide legal services nationwide and throughout Illinois, including Chicago, Cook County, Kane Country, DeKalb Country, Kendall County, La Salle County, Lake County, Rockford, Aurora, DuPage County, Will County, Winnebago County, McHenry County, and Boone County.

FMCO lawyers have broad experience in federal and state court, as well as handling matters in arbitrations, the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR”), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and other administrative agencies.

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FMCO Client-Focused Services

Finding the right lawyer to handle your case can be a very difficult process. There are a lot of factors to consider, including the lawyer’s reputation, experience, demonstrated results, and whether you feel comfortable trusting the lawyer with handling your case. FMCO lawyers have spent decades helping people through difficult and heart-wrenching cases. Many cases involve highly emotional, life-changing, unexpected, or tragic events. FMCO’s personalized approach helps our clients navigate the turbulence and obtain the justice they deserve. Our Client-Focused law practice means every FMCO Client and every FMCO case is important to us.

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When you come to Foote, Mielke, Chavez & O’Neil, our attorneys will take the time to understand your circumstances and explore all your options. Regardless of the legal area your case fits into, we will:

  • Listen carefully
  • Investigate thoroughly
  • Interview pertinent witnesses
  • Draft, review, and file any necessary documents
  • Handle all communications with opposing counsel
  • Create an effective courtroom strategy
  • Explore opportunities for resolution and settlement
  • Offer critical advice and innovative legal strategies

Above all, we will use our proven negotiation and litigation skills to your advantage utilizing both proven and innovative techniques that have resulted in record-setting recoveries for our clients. As an FMCO Client you will receive the benefits of a team of hardworking and determined lawyers who relentlessly pursue the best outcome for every FMCO Case.

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Why Choose FMCO?


Each and every client matters to FMCO. Our firm is committed to providing our clients with legal servicers that are personalized, responsive, and caring. We have designed our services to ensure our clients receive unmatched attention and dedication to every legal matter.

Highly Experienced

FMCO attorneys are highly skilled trial attorneys, with an unmatched combination of critical trial experience, distinguished educational backgrounds, comprehensive kills training and extensive professional networks. FMCO has the resources and decades of experience required to successfully handle a wide range of cases such as: business disputes, commercial litigation, complex civil litigation, breach of contract, deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, work injuries, workmen’s compensation, motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, motor cycle injuries, medical malpractice, dangerous products and defective products, consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices, wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, disability discrimination, wage and hour violations, violations of sick leave and Family and Medical Leave (FMLA law). FMCO has a well-developed nationwide litigation practice, as well as a renowned local, Chicago and Illinois state-wide law practice.

Justice Warriors

We demand justice, we fight for justice, for all of our clients and their cases. FMCO lawyers are justice warriors. Our attorneys fight for justice in a wide range of matters, both small and large. We care about the law and we care about obtaining justice for those who have been injured, damaged, defrauded, or otherwise hurt. We routinely represent individuals, multi-party/mass injury victims, employees and workers, consumers, children, elderly, disabled, small and mid-size businesses, not-for-profit companies, trusts, estates, and others in need of legal assistance.


FMCO lawyers understand that results matter. When we take a case, FMCO commits to obtaining the very best results for our clients. Results are often monetary, but clients also frequently seek non-monetary relief such as changes to practices, changes to an employment record, warnings to consumers, or removal or modifications of dangerous products and practices. We listen to our clients and we help them optimize recoveries that serve their needs and interests. FMCO attorneys relentlessly fight for the best resolution, recovery, or outcome for every client and in every case.

Challenge Accepted

FMCO invites you to bring us your difficult, unique, factually complex, and emerging legal issues. We embrace challenging legal issues and look for opportunities to positively impact our legal system by expending the resources to litigate difficult cases. Nationally recognized complex litigators, FMCO Partners- Robert (“Bob”) Foote and Kathleen Chavez- are routinely appointed to the most complex civil cases nationwide. They work hard on tough legal issues, emerging areas of law, international multi-party conspiracy cases, and important transformational litigation nationwide.

Innovative & Creative

FMCO lawyers are creative, flexible and fearless. Our lawyers look at facts ad legal issues from multiple angles and often pursue highly effective and innovative approaches to litigation, dispute resolution, and settlements.

Every FMCO Client and every FMCO Case receives our absolute best legal services and personalized attention. Large or small, complex or simple, single or multi- party, every case is an FMCO Case and every case is a priority.

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