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Recognizing child brain injuries after an auto accident

Injuries from auto accidents occur all the time, but when they happen to children it can be particularly devastating. Thankfully, if the auto accident is due to the negligence of a driver, it may be possible to seek compensation.

Whether it is for general well-being or a settlement, it is important that a child receive a proper diagnosis for any injuries. There are a few important steps for recognizing brain injury in a child.

What are some injuries I might receive in a workplace accident?

You may feel that your office in Illinois is a safe place for you to work in. But it could contain hazards that can affect your safety. Workplace injuries are a leading source of lost income and disability for many people. Although accidents can happen anywhere, when they occur on the job, the victims and their immediate family members often end up suffering from the lingering consequences. 

Many workplace accident victims are eligible to receive financial compensation in the form of workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries to pay for their medical expenses, disability and vocational rehabilitation. Take some time to learn about two of the most common workplace injuries you are at risk of receiving when you are on the job. 

What to do after being in a car accident involving a semi-truck

When fully loaded with cargo, an 18-wheeler can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds, while a regular sized automobile weighs approximately 4,000 pounds. A collision between the two can cause severe personal injury and property damage, particularly to the occupants of the passenger vehicle.

Due to the severity of loss, the driver and trucking company are required to carry their own high insurance liability limits, with liability shared between the two. Navigating the waters after such an accident can prove daunting for the victim - especially considering they may be compelled to interact with multiple entities representing the truck driver and trucking company.

Start your safety plan before you set sail on Lake Michigan

Enjoying a day out on Lake Michigan is a lot of fun. Whether you are going from Chicago to New Buffalo or just hanging around the waters near the city, you should ensure that you are ready for a safe day. This isn't always easy because you can't control the weather on the lake or the other boaters. There are some ways that you can increase your safety while you are out.

There are a few things that you need to do before you set sail. The first is that you need to make a plan and let someone on the shore know what that plan is. This should include how long you are going to be out and where you are going to go. You should also do a safety check on the boat and make sure that everyone on board has a life jacket or approved flotation device.

Chicago drivers don't always watch for pedestrians

As we recently discussed, pedestrian accidents can lead to life-altering injuries. These injuries can include broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and more. If you were struck by a car while you were walking around in Chicago, you might opt to purse claims for compensation.

The fact is that drivers in Chicago often forget that pedestrians have the right of way in many places. Instead of taking their time, they zip and zag through traffic in an effort to get to where they are going as quickly as possible. This can mean that a pedestrian ends up being injured because the driver is so focused on darting in and out of traffic that they don't even watch for people walking.

What do I need to do if a car slams into me while I'm walking?

As you are walking along Lower Wacker Drive or any other street in this bustling city, a car comes out of nowhere and slams into you while you are crossing in a crosswalk. Now you have to decide what you are going to do.

Making a plan ahead of time can help you out. Being struck by a car is a stressful experience, so make sure that you aren't stuck wondering what to do.

Semitruck crash claims are complex matters

Driving along on I-94 or one of the Wacker Drives means that you are likely going to come into contact with at least one semitruck, but often the number is much higher. Each of these trucks poses a hazard to you, especially if they are being driven in an unsafe manner.

We recently discussed trucker fatigue and how it can lead to crashes. This is only one possible cause of semitruck crashes that you have to consider if you are seeking compensation.

Fatigued truckers might cause serious accidents

As you are driving along on the Dan Ryan or the Eisenhower, you know that the semitrucks pose a risk, especially since hardly anyone sticks to the speed limits here. What you might not realize is that some truckers -- those who are fatigued -- pose a special risk to drivers on these highways and other roads in Chicago.

Fatigued truckers are a serious safety hazard. They can't react to the happenings on these roads like they should. When they cause an accident, the people who suffer injuries might choose to seek compensation. The cause of the fatigue can come into the picture at that point since the party who caused the fatigue might also be held liable for the damages.

Semi-trucks, improper load securement and highway accidents

Anyone in the Chicago, Illinois, area who has ever been involved in a car accident knows they can range in severity from the smallest fender-benders to the largest multi-car pileups. And it doesn’t take a major car accident to cause serious medical injuries and destruction to personal property.

But what about when an accident is major and involves a semi-truck? These types of accidents can be especially devastating and catastrophic. Large tractor-trailers carry heavy loads – and these loads themselves are often the cause of accidents involving semi-trucks.

Understand what types of damages might apply to your claim

When you are involved in a car accident, you can suffer a host of damages. As we recently discussed, pain and suffering damages might be an element in your claim for compensation. These damages must be taken seriously. Some people think that these damages are just a way to try to get extra money. Victims of car accidents know that these are very real damages.

We know that you might have some questions about how you can handle your case. We will stand by your side so that you know your rights, options and responsibilities in the case.

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