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Complex Litigation

FMCO Law is a highly regarded boutique complex civil litigation law firm with a large national footprint. Founding partners Kathleen Chavez and Robert Foote pride themselves on having established one of the most recognized and innovative complex litigation law firms in the United States. Our attorneys offer a diverse array of skills, knowledge, determination, compassion, curiosity, experience, and creativity. In our complex practice, we routinely provide legal representation to governments, individuals, employees, trusts and corporations.

Our lawyers have impressive academic credentials, as well as decades of experience in national, multi-district, class, collective, and complex civil litigation. FMCO offers its clients a unique and unconventional approach to litigation. We believe that tough problems are solved through innovative approaches, flexibility, collaboration and the hard work and concentrated efforts of a committed team of lawyers. We work closely with our clients to achieve successful outcomes, from record-setting recoveries to important changes in policies and practices. Our attorneys understand that achieving optimal outcomes often requires flexibility, “out-of-the-box” thinking, and innovative approaches to litigation and dispute resolution efforts.

Why Our Geneva And Chicago Complex Civil Litigation Attorney Is Right for You

We have the resources to approach your case comprehensively. Though our job necessitates amassing a quantity of significant documentation and complex data and conducting numerous interviews with relevant witnesses, we have the ability to isolate and focus on pertinent details that may make all the difference in proving your case. Our ability to zero in on what is most important, coupled with our agility in and out of the courtroom, gives us the best chance of leading you to a beneficial negotiated settlement or a favorable verdict. Above all, our substantial experience in complex civil litigation and commitment to your cause will stand you in good stead, giving you an edge over the opposition.

Stages Of A Complex Civil Litigation Case

There are several stages involved in complex civil litigation:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pretrial proceedings
  • Potential settlement or trial
  • Appeal

Our dedicated attorneys will guide you through each stage, explaining the specifics of each as we proceed, and answering all of your questions.

What Makes Civil Litigation Complex

Civil litigation most often involves more than one legal issue, multiple parties, and the need for lawyers to develop their cases through penetrating discovery channels. Our complex civil litigation practice frequently deals with cases that have nationwide, or even international, implications, such as those centering on:

Business And Commercial Disputes

Business disputes include such things as breach of contract, breach of merger and acquisition agreements, misappropriation of funds, broken financing, insurance, and security agreements, deceptive trade practices, and claims arising out of real estate contracts, and licensing and distribution agreements. Such claims often involve domestic and/or multi-national companies, and so are complicated by varying laws, jurisdictions, and venues.

Consumer Fraud

Many complex cases of consumer fraud are class action suits, involving a large number of plaintiffs. The plaintiffs may be victims of alleged, unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices by defendants, such as false advertising or misrepresentation, abusive robocalls, accounting tricks, fair-housing fraud, or violations of consumer protection laws. If you have been victimized by consumer fraud, the chances are good that you are not alone. Our complex civil litigation attorneys may be able to work with you on a class action suit to target those who deceived you.

International Disputes

When companies with foreign bases or branches are accused of fraud or other misconduct, the resulting legal action automatically becomes complex since it likely involves the laws of more than one country, and products or services provided across a broad geographic range. Such cases require sharp complex civil litigation attorneys to be successfully resolved.

Internet And Technology Disputes

The more the modern world depends on sophisticated technology, the more the justice system has to branch out to deal with cases that must be decided through high-tech analysis of telecommunications and forensic examination of digital devices. Fortunately, the complex civil litigation attorneys at FMCO Law are familiar with which steps to take and which experts to bring in to provide the most persuasive evidence.


Nothing is likely to be more complex to litigate civilly than a case involving organized crime. To say that the tentacles of such cases are long is surely an understatement, since they not only stretch across our country but often throughout the world. In addition to criminal prosecutions, RICO laws also permit individuals and commercial enterprises to file civil suits against RICO offenders who have caused harm to their property or their businesses.

Security Litigation

As in all other areas of the law, the courts are full of security litigation cases in which defendants are guilty of the misconduct they are accused of and in which plaintiffs are bringing false charges against innocent defendants. In either situation, our attorneys are here to help clients protect their finances and their reputations. Whether your security litigation case centers on breach of fiduciary duty, insider training, a Ponzi scheme, algorithmic trading, market manipulation, or some other violation, our complex civil litigation attorneys are ready to assist.

Whistleblower/Qui Tam actions

Whistleblowers have become integrated into our justice system since they perform an important service — rooting out individuals and corporations who are corrupt, greedy, and amoral enough to be violating laws meant to protect consumers, public safety, and/or the environment. Qui tam actions, which reward whistleblowers with part of the penalties collected when cases are won, may, unfortunately, embolden a certain number of individuals to make false or inflated accusations, once again adding to the complexity of the legal process. In many cases, complex litigation challenges ambiguous legal precedents and may even alter future public legislation. If you are entangled in a case of complex civil litigation, only attorneys with training and experience in this particular area of law are prepared to resolve the convoluted issues that make your case complex.

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Legal matters are often difficult to translate into understandable terms. Our experienced attorneys have a history of providing clarity as well as skillful legal representation. Whichever side of a complex dispute you are on, we are on your side, ready to fight aggressively to protect your interests. Contact us now for a consultation. FMCO Law serves Chicago, DuPage County, Kane County and Cook County from our office in Geneva, Illinois, for all clients’ complex civil litigation legal needs.