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Approval Of Medical Care And Your Legal Rights

Under Illinois workers’ compensation law, employees injured on the job or who have suffered a work-related injury are entitled to receive medical treatment. The major stipulation is that the doctor or chiropractor must be listed by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission as an approved medical provider.

The primary drawback to this benefit is that the provider list is approved by the workers’ compensation insurance providers. That means that the medical providers are paid by the insurance companies. In short, it may be in your doctor’s best financial interests to declare that you must return to work before you feel you are ready.

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Selecting A Medical Provider

Under certain conditions, you may be allowed to change medical providers; however, your new provider must also be approved by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. If you live a great distance from the nearest approved provider, you may qualify to select your own doctor, subject to commission approval.

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Learn About Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines

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