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Experienced Securities Litigation Lawyers In Chicago And Geneva

Securities litigation enables recourse to those who invest in a publicly held company and the company acts in a misleading or deceitful manner. Investors who purchase a company’s stock and suffer an economic injury based on the company’s misleading statements or otherwise fraudulent conduct may have a cause of action against the company. Such causes of action are most effectively brought in the form of a securities class action under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 and the Securities Act of 1933.

Why You Need An Experienced Securities Attorney

Publicly held companies are often large and sophisticated with experienced legal departments, but securities class actions provide individual investors an opportunity to band together and hold the company accountable in instances of bad faith conduct. Securities class actions are ripe when:

  • A publicly held company makes an untrue statement, a misleading statement, or fails to disclose material facts.
  • As of result of the untrue statement, misleading statement or failure to disclose a material fact, the company’s stock price declines.

A red flag for investors as to a possible securities violation exists when a publicly held company’s stock value significantly declines after a negative disclosure about the company. This may be the result of the company’s failure to disclose material facts to investors or the disclosure of untrue or misleading facts.

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