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Line Of Duty Disability Pensions And Your Legal Rights

Professionals like police officers and firefighters serve our common needs in Illinois, and they often face a great deal of risk in the line of duty. With this risk comes the potential for serious (and sometimes fatal) injury. Line of duty disability pensions provide officers and firefighters with financial support if injury prevents them from returning to work in their chosen profession.

Collecting the benefits of a line of duty disability pension under the Illinois Pension Code can be challenging, even in cases where an officer was clearly injured because of activities on the job. Having an experienced workers’ comp lawyer on your side is vital to collecting the benefits you are entitled to receive.

You Deserve Support For Your Work

Our team at FMCO Law can help ensure that every detail is investigated and properly presented in your claim. We can guide you through the line of duty disability pension claim process to give you the best opportunity for maximum recovery:

  • Submitting a formal application to the line of duty pension board
  • Representation in pension board hearings that determine employee qualifications for pension
  • Guidance for meeting the medical examination requirements, including independent medical examinations (IMEs) and exams conducted by qualified physicians appointed by the pension board
  • Presenting evidence of injuries and their impact on the ability to perform work-related duties in hearings to support the application

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