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Advocates For People Injured Through Nursing Home Neglect

Entrusting your elderly or disabled loved one to the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility may have been one of the hardest things you ever did. You no doubt researched your choices and made the decisions most appropriate to your family member’s unique life circumstances. He or she may have been declining in health and vigor, no longer able to live in his or her own home. Care needs may have surpassed family members’ abilities to handle them without assistance.

If your loved one is injured in a nursing home in Greater Chicago, FMCO Law is well-suited to determine what happened and pursue compensation. Our elder law attorneys skillfully represent injured nursing home residents and family members throughout Illinois. In many cases, families ask that part of the penalty for wrongdoers be a correction of their harmful practices. Our Geneva-based law firm has a history of innovative, effective legal counsel addressing difficult cases. We can help you pursue changes at the long-term care facility while also pursuing compensation for your loved one and aggrieved family members.

Advocates For Victims Of Nursing Home Neglect

Once your mother, father, grandparent or another family member became a resident of the nursing home, you naturally expected the administration, nurses and hands-on caregivers to follow accepted practices.

Instead, your family member was injured or died a suspicious death while in the care of a long-term care facility. You want and need answers as to what led up to the nursing home abuse and neglect incident such as:

  • A fall injury (possibly resulting in a broken hip or head injury)
  • Bedsores (perhaps resulting in sepsis)
  • A burn injury (perhaps through exposure to hot food, scalding bath water or an uncovered heat source)
  • Malnutrition (possibly resulting from failure of dining room staff to notice the person’s limited food intake)
  • Dehydration (a common result of poor monitoring)
  • Sexual assault (by a staff member, another resident or a visitor)
  • Physical abuse (perhaps evidenced by bruising)

A nursing home neglect claim or lawsuit can recover compensation for medical expenses and intangible (but very real) losses affecting both the injured person and distressed family members.

Uncovering the root causes of the injury will likely require a detailed investigation. Ultimate answers may be more complex than expected. For example, administrators may have cut back on staff without considering the number of helpers required to fulfill care orders by doctors and nurses.

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