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Whether you entered into a business contract with the expectation of giving or receiving tangible material goods, services or intellectual property, you may have a breach of contract claim if the other party did not follow through.

How Claims Arise

Breach of contract claims often involve disputes over whether another party complied with terms of a contract. Disagreements may have to do with:

  • Cost
  • Benefits
  • Timing
  • Performance standards

Did another party pledge to deliver goods to your business or perform valuable services such as providing a well-documented appraisal of property? Did that other party then fail to make good on the contract?

Alternatively, does an opponent claim that you or your business did not fulfill the terms of a contractual agreement? The contract may have been in writing or verbal. The disagreement may be over the degree of compliance or a flat-out “yes or no” — fulfillment or failure to fulfill terms. Whatever the substance and whatever is at stake, FMCO Law welcomes the opportunity to evaluate your case and make recommendations. Our lawyers have represented countless sophisticated clients in complex litigation matters involving breach of contract claims and other business and commercial disputes.

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