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Protecting The Rights Of Those Harmed By Defective Medicines And Drugs

Every year, tens of thousands of people in Chicago and throughout the United States are seriously injured, or even die, after taking a prescription drug or as a result of using or having a medical device implanted. Chicago injury attorneys can help you recover the damages you are entitled to if you have been injured. Prescription drugs and medical devices can be dangerous or deadly.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a prescription drug or medical device, you may have a legal claim against the drug or device manufacturer. Our team at FMCO Law has top Chicago and Illinois lawyers who are experienced in trial work and know how to handle these types of complex cases. Our aggressive attorneys have the skills and knowledge required to effectively and strategically handle your injury claim and help you recover the justice and monetary damages to which you are entitled. Equally important, we care about our clients and their cases.

Understanding Your Rights

Too many people do not receive the legal help they deserve after an injury because they assume they have no legal rights and cannot receive a monetary recovery or damages for injuries caused by an FDA-approved prescription drug or a medical device implanted by a licensed doctor. Patients do have legal rights.

Many lawsuits have been filed in recent years on behalf of injured patients against drug and device manufacturers. Billions of dollars have been recovered by experienced drug lawyers and medical device lawyers against the manufacturers of certain prescription drugs and bad medical devices. Usually, the claims against manufacturers allege liability because the manufacturers failed to adequately disclose side effects and risks associated with their prescription drug, negligently brought the drug to the market, or sold a defective or contaminated product.

There are different reasons a drug or medical device manufacturer could be held liable. It is very important that you seek the advice of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible if you believe you or a loved one has been injured because you took a prescription drug or because of a defective medical device. There are important time limitations that govern the ability of an injured party to file a legal claim in Illinois, and in other states, so it is important that you seek legal advice in a timely manner.

Our experienced injury lawyers can help you determine whether you have a claim and, if so, provide you with information about your legal rights and options. Some of the claims our Chicago injury attorneys are currently investigating and litigating involve:

  1. Low testosterone drugs
  2. Xarelto
  3. Actos
  4. Byetta
  5. Januvia
  6. Benicar
  7. Lipitor
  8. Risperdal
  9. SSRIs
  10. Talc causing ovarian cancer
  11. Transvaginal mesh
  12. Metal-on-metal hip devices manufactured by Stryker, DePuy and others
  13. Other drugs and devices

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We are experienced Chicago lawyers who assist patients injured by prescription drugs and medical devices. We help patients recover damages they are entitled to when injured.

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Helpful Information:

You do not have to have the information below when you contact our offices. However, if you do have it available, it will help us evaluate your case faster. We can assist you in gathering any additional information we may need.

  1. Contact information for you and/or the patient
  2. Name of any insurance
  3. Drug or medical device you think may have caused your injuries
  4. Date(s) prescription drugs were taken or medical device used or implanted
  5. List of injuries suffered and approximate dates
  6. Contact information for any health care professionals related to the prescription drug or device claim such as:
    1. Physician, nurse or other health care provider
    2. Hospital
    3. Physical therapist
    4. Chiropractor
    5. Outpatient surgery center
    6. Pharmacy
  7. Description of any ongoing treatment you are receiving because of the injuries you sustained