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Recovery After Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

Some of the most devastating workplace injuries can happen without a sudden accident. They happen over time after years of exposure to hazardous materials at work. Employers should be taking every measure possible to protect employees from occupational illnesses and diseases, but mistakes still happen.

If you were hurt or developed an illness (terminal or treatable) because of exposure to toxic chemicals at work, make sure you have an experienced lawyer working for you. Our legal team at FMCO Law is known throughout the Chicagoland area for our aggressive and persistent advocacy on behalf of injured workers.

Making The Connection Between Your Illness And Toxic Chemicals

Even when your injury or illness seems obviously connected to your workplace, filing an Illinois workers’ compensation claim requires specific and in-depth justification for compensation.

  • Proof of your illness or injury: Clear medical records that show the extent of your illness or injury and how it has limited your personal/financial well-being
  • Proof of your workplace conditions: A detailed analysis and description of the type of work, hours worked and amount of exposure to chemicals, gases, etc.
  • Proof of your illness’s or injury’s connection to your workplace conditions: Presentation of research-based evidence that exposure to elements at work correlates with the type of illness or disease you are experiencing
  • Proof of the financial support you need for your illness or injury: A well-documented financial analysis of how your illness or disease has affected your ability to earn income and added expenses for your medical care/recovery

We can help you by thoroughly investigating the nature of your claim, your medical records, your workplace conditions, your job exposure and the connection between toxic chemicals and the illness you have suffered. We are persuasive, persistent and ready to fight for you.

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