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Catastrophic Injury Lawyers In Chicagoland

A serious or catastrophic injury will not only change your life for a long time but perhaps for a lifetime. It is also likely to alter the dynamics of your whole family. Whether your spouse, parents, children, brothers or sisters help you adjust and cope after a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, “normal life” will take on a whole new meaning.

In a best-case scenario, your broken leg may heal, but medical expenses and replacement of lost wages are true concerns. In more challenging cases, you may recover but spend the rest of your life working around physical disabilities. Looking for wheelchair ramps, hiring personal care attendants and learning to use adaptive devices such as voice recognition software for your computer may become a way of life.

We Can Help You Find Your Way Forward After A Serious Injury

Rest assured that many others with serious and catastrophic injuries have climbed the mountain and found new vistas. “Courage” takes on a new meaning as an injured person relearns how to do things once taken for granted, such as going up and down stairs or using a telephone. Getting from here – when you are hurting, frightened and worried about finances – to there – a recovered, well-adjusted, perhaps adapted lifestyle – may seem impossible right now. Many before you have found their way, and our Illinois trial lawyers as your strong advocate can provide reassurance through skillful representation.

At FMCO Law, our innovative, persistent trial lawyers take pride in our work on behalf of the seriously injured. Many of our clients have suffered brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and serious burn injuries in car and truck accidents, construction accidents or through the use of defective products. We derive great professional satisfaction from helping our fellow Illinoisans recover compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

Do you wonder how you will live with paralysis and overcome mobility challenges? Financial resources can go a long way to helping you adapt. Proper equipment and personal care assistance can give you back your ability to carry on with day-to-day living despite your disability. Read about some of our previous case results for inspiration as you face the prospect of coping with chronic medical issues and disabilities. FMCO Law can advocate on your behalf every step of the way as you pursue the compensation you need.

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