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Understanding Partial And Total Disability Claims

If you were injured on the job or suffered a work-related partial or total disability while working for an employer in the greater Chicago metropolitan area or anywhere in northern Illinois, talk to an attorney at FMCO Law. We offer a full range of Illinois workers’ compensation claims services, including:

What Are Partial And Total Disability Claims?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission defines two categories of temporary or permanent disabilities that qualify for benefits through employers’ workers’ compensation insurance.

Partial Disability

Generally speaking, a partial disability may be temporary or permanent. It can be described as any work-related injury or disease that causes the worker to be unable to perform full job tasks in his or her previous job position with the employer. The worker may miss work for immediate medical treatment but may be ordered to return to work for a reduced number of hours or be placed in a position of restricted job tasks not affected by the injury or disability. Workers’ compensation benefits generally include medical treatment, job retraining and differential pay if the reduced hours or job reclassification result in a loss of wages.

Total Disability

A total disability may also be classified as temporary or permanent. A worker suffering from a temporary total disability will be unable to return to work during the period of medical treatment. Temporary total disability (TTD) will typically qualify the worker to receive weekly cash benefits based on two-thirds of the average weekly wage (AWW) earned over a 52-week period immediately prior to reporting the disability. During the period of total disability, the worker is eligible for approved medical care and may be required to receive paid training for a new job. Workers suffering from a diagnosed qualifying total disability may be eligible to receive a lump-sum settlement.

A permanent total disability will mean the worker will never be able to return to work and may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits following one year of being off the job.

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