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Business And Commercial Disputes

At FMCO Law, we help to resolve business and commercial disputes in Chicago, Geneva, and throughout northern Illinois, always working in our clients’ best interests. Because of our excellent credentials, comprehensive legal knowledge, and consummate negotiation and litigation skills, we draw clients from a wide variety of commercial enterprises.

If you have been drawn into a business or commercial dispute, contact our experienced attorneys today. We have an impressive track record of successful outcomes, having won billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. Whether we are able to do so through out-of-court negotiations or it becomes necessary to fight a courtroom battle, making sure you are treated fairly is our first priority.

No Business Or Commercial Disputes Are Too Complex For Our Attorneys

Our business and commercial disputes attorneys are problem solvers by nature as well as by training. We are adept at getting to the crux of the matter and developing innovative strategies to address relevant issues. More than that, we have the persuasive and diplomatic skills to move plaintiffs and defendants toward agreement and resolution.

Types Of Business And Commercial Disputes We Handle

As you know, any aspect of commercial dealings can give rise to a dispute, and FMCO Law is ready to handle any dispute that comes along, however complex or challenging, including:

Professional Liability Litigation

Being sued for professional liability (malpractice) is a very serious matter. Our business and commercial litigation attorneys are well-prepared to fight for your rights whether you have been accused of professional liability or victimized by it.

Whether your business has been adversely impacted by the negligence of a lawyer, accountant, or some other professional or whether your firm or practice has been wrongfully accused of misconduct, our business and commercial litigation attorneys are available to forcefully advocate for you in court.

Deceptive Trade Cases

Deceptive trade practices include:

  • Disseminating false claims and misinformation
  • Bait and switch schemes
  • Adjusting mechanical or technological devices for deception and personal gain

(e.g., setting an odometer to lower mileage; altering a computer program)

Our sharp business and commercial disputes attorneys offer excellent legal representation in litigation pertaining to deceptive trade practices. We are dedicated to protecting your company from such malicious and illegal behavior.

Breach Of Contract Disputes

Though contracts are legally binding documents, theoretically ensuring compliance of both parties, many breaches of contract still occur. Whether your contract has suffered a material or minor breach, our attorneys will fight tirelessly for you to receive appropriate remedy in the form of:

  • Cancellation and restitution
  • Compensatory damages
  • Specific performance of services not rendered
  • Liquidated damages (as agreed upon in the contract)
  • Punitive damages for overtly wrongful acts

Our business and commercial dispute attorneys are dedicated to seeing to it that your company gets the restitution and/or damages it is legally entitled to if a contract is breached.

International Business Disputes

International business disputes are also increasingly common these days as global business deals have become the norm. Your commercial dispute with a company outside of the U.S. may pertain to:

  • Allegations of bilateral investment treaty (BIT) violations
  • Allegations of intellectual property piracy
  • Allegations of violations of trade agreements
  • Breach of contract, failure to perform, and other widespread business and commercial disputes

In any case, you need the accomplished international dispute attorneys of FMCO Law to reach an appropriate settlement.

Individual Disputes Deserve Customized Approaches

When you get in touch with our practice, you will find that we are good listeners, and committed to responding with the personalized attention you need and deserve. Our approach to your problem will be customized to fit the particulars of your situation and your perspective. While you may be amenable to alternative dispute resolutions, such as conciliation, mediation, or arbitration, you may prefer aggressive litigation. Either way, we will work with you collaboratively.

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